I can still feel the BALMAIN-IA EFFECT

I'm really sorry for my lack of updates. I've been struggling to finish my group's midterm project, which we had defended awhile ago....
Anyway , my love for writing and fashion has not been alleviated. After the defense , my friend and i went to Mall of Asia awhile ago. To de-STRESS. I was supposed to by some stuff for me to wear next saturday for another Slim's Lecture this coming Saturday. Fortunately, I'll be coming with my friend. But I ended up not buying anything because my friend said we should shop together on Friday. Anyhoo,  Yippee Yay.
Though I can't go to my HS friend's party/debut because I dont feel like going because of what happened this morning, defense period. It was not that horrible but still I felt so bad because some databases lost their values...Navicat , I hate you so much that I will never use you again. Especially , if I will not have any failures for this term because I'll shift to another course which I really wanted from the start.

Anyway enough about my life, let's talk about fashion. I've been always a fan of Balmain because of their jackets. Last March 4 , 2010. They've never disappointed me. What I love about this collection is how baroque it is and some cutout jackets were , I think , inspired from the time King Louis XIV. I love the gold gown. It's ethereal and fit for a goddess body. The jackets and suits are breathtaking. I want to report/defend our projects in those , if only were allowed to. Bailmain designs , I think, are for ladies who wants something for a change. It's like a chocolate to make you hyper. Energizer. Or an adventure . Here's a collage I made ,where i've used photos that i like from the collection.
Photos courtesy of Style.com


  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,