My Interesting Finds

Here's Melisa , remember her from my previous post , I like how she put some color to her outfit. It's not dull and boring. Her shirt is really eye catching. Her flats are also interesting. The shoe looks  like the colorful mat (banig).

This is Nynke Sarmiento. Aside from the gorgeous name of hers , I love this look because it's sporty and it has character into it. I've asked her top 3( but 2) accessories and she answered , her black wooden rosary and the 'baller'. It is because those 2 were given by her boyfriend. How sweet , noh? :D

This is Murphy Katigbak. At school , she's like a sister to me. I really love her style. It's very 80's but with a touch of the present time. I love how casual this look it is. It's simple but a head turner.

Ok , when I saw this girl , I said to myself I should feature her in my blog.She's Alexis Lao. Why? Because her style is really street. I can't think of anyone who can pull this outfit altogether. She said that her style is inspired from Japanese Pop culture. And we all know how fashionable Japanese people are. Her jeans and top were from Thailand,Boots and bag  were from Hongkong .

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