Black Saturday

Finally,I can write again. I had a writer's block since last week. Timely for the Holy Week. Anyhoo , last March 27. I had an Intramuros escapade with my friend Ashley. We were there for the Sampaguita (Jasmine) ice cream for her Literature class . Then , we thought of roaming around the walled city. We found some places that are really gorgeous and at the same time historical. I love Casa Manila. It's a restored house from the Spanish Era and The house is really for rich illustrados. The rooms are wide and has good interior design. Unfotunately , we can't take any photos from the inside. Then I also love the graffiti place . I never thought that there would be such place there. Guys, I suggest that you roam around the HIstorical city and think about our dear country.:D 

Here are some photos from it.

Here's a shot from Manila Cathedral's Entrance

To to start walking. :D
 Casa Manila :D

We ate sampaguita ice cream and blueberry cheesecake after the walk.

Then last is the graffiti wall:D

I'm not a model typer person but I do believe I have a ferocia Maureen within me :D

Till next Time :D


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  2. thanks , the wall's graffiti is really cool.

  3. pretty pictures, love the colour popping shade of your dress! Loving your blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy! Bonne nuit xx

  4. Thanks dear :) I'll try to check your too:)