Sometimes, I do feel I'm in cage because I feel that it's metal railings are the hindrance and obstacles in my life that makes me who I am.
Do you feel constricted or being limited to things that matter to you?
Because I do. I feel that I can't do the things I want to do. I feel like I'm being treated as a child.
I'm turning 19 in a matter of days but I still have issues with some important person in my life.
I f I can only say to them that they've brought me up in a right and acceptable way and they shouldn't worry on the activities that I do because I do know my limits.

Aside from that, some people think they know you well and can judge you as if they're your parents. I  just hate those kind of people. I've received some 'note' from someone last week. How dare you speak of that kind. One thing that I really want to say to that person, you're such a COWARD person. Show yourself to me and let us see who's more into 'it.' I'll never be discouraged to do what I love from the 'note' you left.

Another one is people try to question your decisions in life. I feel the concern of some people but some are just downright sarcastic. It's my life and life is full of choices. I'm the one who's going to experience it, either the result is bad or not.

Sometimes, I just wish that life is a bliss. No stuff or decisions to ponder on, but I thank those people that loves, care and judge me. Sometimes , I hope freedom is a reward that I'm going to work hard for it just not to have problems, but those things makes me who I am today and I'll pray for those people that spoils someone's happiness , I hope that you'll have fun on the career path you're going into.

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  1. then fly as no cage will ever hold you. and look down on them as if they dont matter. soar upward and feel the wind pondering your mind.