Selena Gomez for KMART

I really admire Selena Gomez as an artist, actor and a singer. Now, she has her own collection for KMART. I just wish Philippines have Kmart. The collection is really youthful. Quirky and bubbly. Her collection is Dream Out Loud, back-to-school clothing line. I feel that this is going to be another hit . Congrats Selena :D

This reminds me of Vanessa from Gossip Girl

This is my fave :)

This is so 20's :D

This is perfect for Summer/Spring.

This looks shouts I'm-a-star-but-I-have-to-go-to-school look

So ,what do you think? Will this hit or not :)
(Pictures all from Just Jared)


  1. Looks cute, i like her style
    We have Kmart here but don't think we stock her line

  2. Hmm maybe it'll come soon. :D but i really like her sense of style :)