My Vacation Starts Tomorrow !!!!

Thank God, my term just ended awhile ago. Just hoping for decent grades. Gawd , I hope I'll get the grades that i deserve. Anyhow, I was supposed to pass an audition video for a contest but I didn't not push through because I lack time to edit the video. But I do have some photos that are decent enough to be my look-for-the-day post it's. But before that I want to share the stuff inside my bag :D

So my bag contains a lot of stuff :D
a. phone
b. my bdj planner
c. my notebook
d. wallet
e. my vanity kit
g.pencil case
h. rosary
So that's why i do have a lot of big bags because I always bring all of them even if I'm going to my Tita's house or mall.

This is me try to put on a make-up haha

one of my fave pics of the day. I look so young here :D


the air just kept on lifting my hair up.


Ash and I goofing around

(all photos by Ashley Silva)
Hope you like the pictures :D


  1. followed your blog. I also love big bags. :)

  2. Thanks dear, big bags becomes very handy esp if you're always on the go.:D