Flying Shoes :D

One of the things that inspire me to wear clothes  are shoes. They are my make or break moment for an outfit. When I saw these following pictures at this post, I got excited and I want it to share it to others.  Those shoes are inspired from Mercury, the messenger of the gods. As I've read it from a fashion blog, the inspiration is called Talaria or winged sandal. Some of the shoes are really artsy or as they say it a wearable art. and I agree to that. Imagine wearing those heels, especially the first Alexander Mcqueen picture, people will be looking at you and be speechless because of your shoes. >> I want to have that kind of moment in the future :))<< But in the Alexander Mcqueen shoes, you can still see the baroque design he'd used from his last collection.  I also love the Beatrix Ong shoes :D
This pair of shoes really got the shoe addict in me. It's to die for.

This pair is really gorgeous. If you want to be artsy but not as extreme as the first one, this one is for you.

This Beatrix Ong shoes are really subtle but still pretty. I love that this can be paired of with a lot of clothes , especially corporate ones.

This Marc Jacobs shoes is pretty too. I like the gold version better than the black one, below.

This Vivinne Westwod for Melissa are really cute and humorous. It's direct to the point in a way that there's an outright part of that says I'm-going-to-fly sandals :P

(Pictures from Fashionising.com)


  1. winged shoes are coolest, if only they could really fly... haha

  2. If they make us fly, the fashion industry will profit a lot from it haha because a lot of people wants to fly

  3. They are fabulous but I can hear my boys laughing at me if I wear one of those winged beauties. xoxo

  4. @Leah haha They're really fab but whenever know unless you try it :) . Your boys are like the conservative ones pero I think it's cute though:D