Christian Louboutin's Fall Ad

These are some ads from Louboutin's Fall Collection. It might have not look so strong for the others but I love idea of the ads.  The ads reminds of some fairy tales that was once told to us by our mothers and grandmothers when we were little kids. The shoes looks like they're part of the story, or the scene of a part of that story. One here is kind of like from the story of  Beauty and the Beast. It's supposed to be a rose not a shoe. The other one is kind of tricky for me, It may have been inspired from Little Mermaid or Pirates of the Carribean (but I know it's not a fairy tale story, though it kinda looks like it.)
I forgot the part of class breaking in the beauty and the beast , but the shoes here can communicate to you. As if it's saying I'm magical and buy me. 
I love the colors at this picture. It's whimsical and it makes feel you're underwater and you can reach it or grab it because it's treasure.

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