Dare to Flare ?

I've been following style.com since last year. I've been reading about style updates and what's hot and not in the fashion industry. It's fun reading articles not only about fashion but art and lifestyle as well. So now, they've posted about skinny jeans nearing its end in the fashion scene and hello to flare silhouettes. I believe that this look is refreshing but I think that only few body types can wear it , so I don't believe that skinnies will be out , but we'll see what happens in the coming months. Body types that can wear these are those who are tall and ,some curvy people. If a petite person will wear it , there's a probability that she might look smaller unless she has good style sense that can make her stand out.  Anyhoo here are some runway photos that I like that exhibits the flares.
(photo courtesy of style.com)
R-L(Chloe, Derek Lam, Emilio Pucci)
I love the Chloe flares. It reminds me of the 70's. It looks clean and sophisticated.
The Derek Lam's is for the corporate chic but I love the flared pants it's edgy and can be paired with a lot of tops.
Emilio Pucci's design is more for the fashionistas that are not afraid to be noticed.The pants are cute but you have to be confident and sassy to don those pants.
 I've created my own version of the look :D

So are you lovin' the look or not?
Are you ready to rock those outfits?

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