Summer Looks

If you're still clueless on what to wear for the summer. Here are some suggestions from me. I advice you wear something short, comfy, or some loose, that makes the air come in and out of your stuff. In my point of view, living in a tropical country makes clothing choices to lesser number because we can't just put layers of stuff in our body because it's really. Unless you have a crush at school and you want to impress him/her. Kidding but honestly, you just have to play with colors and the trends for this summer so you won't be left out.
 Here's Some runway ensemble you can draw inspiration from.

(photo from fabsugar.com)
This look is from Lulu. She's wearing a cute patterned dress, layered with denim vest and ,if i'm right, clogs.
It's feminine with the right amount of edgy-ness. 

Here's my take on that :

In order to achieve the lulu look, you have to wear a cute dress, any cute dress that has a pastel color on it and light fabric. Then layered it with a denim vest and sandals, flat ones for me to make it casual and easy. and good accessories to match.
(photo from fabsugar.com)
This is from the H&M Garden Collection 2010
I love how comfy the look is. The shorts are cute and the top is liberating.

This is my take on the h&m look. I love wearing shorts and though the 2 tops are simple , i put a right amount of accessory. And the shoes must pop so to make it more fun and youthful.

What do say about my takes and the looks for summer ? :D 

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