Noriter love :D

What is Noriter?
 Noriter is a Korean-themed cafe found across De La Salle University.
Why am I writing about it?

Because I love this place. It's really cozy and relaxing. You'll find art-sy stuff inside the cafe. I love their hot chocolate beverage. Whenever I want to rest or study, I just go to this place and do my business. It has a lot of memories too for me. Anyhoo, I went here , together with my groupmates, to breakout form regular library mode work and just do it there. >.<  I hope you guys will visit this place because it's a nice thing to discover new places and be inspired from it.

Here's some photos from it:

Photos are all by Ashley Silva

Signboard :D

My friend's cup-art

Their adorable door sign:D

Wall of cup-arts

One of my fave spots :D

Sorry I can't help myself , The place is just inspiring :D

Goofing around :D

Au Revoir :D

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