My first runway walk, hopefully not the last

Not many know that I have walked the runway, once. It was last year, around September-October. It was for the Belle De Jour Planner Lauch/Event at Eastwood. I joined in just for fun and I never thought they're going to pick because I'm big and chubby. Everytime , I look at my picture then I feel somehow inferior because it doesn't look good nor it doesn't look bad. But the fact that I'm gaining weight. Not that I care but sometimes I can't hardly breathe and I'm always irritable. But during that walk, i feel like I'm in heaven. I feel like being blessed and God made me feel a girl for that day. During the fittings, I thought nothing is going to fit me but surprisingly there were some ensemble that did work for me.  I really want to be healthy and experience to be light sometimes, I need more self confidence. My mom also reminds me to look at the mirror and see myself and work on some stuff about it because she's worried that my current lifestyle is unhealthy. So i'm trying little by little to diet and control the stuff I eat. Don't blame me because if I'm stressed , I do eat a lot, I mean A LOT. Ask my groupmates and they'll tell you she's eating hour by hour while coding.  So now that there's no reaosn to be stressed about. I plan to lose some unnecessary pounds before the start of my academic year this summer. I'll bike in the morning and in the afternoon. Eat more veggies and fruits than meat and poultry. I want to look good for myself and for me not to get sick again.

During My Walk

After the Event

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