Let's go back in time in skirts

 There is something about the circa 1940's - 1950's that I love . The fashion that time , for me, is really classic. It celebrate the women's body in a good way. I've read that the fashion during 1940's was greatly influenced by the effects of ww2. It became more conservative and the silhouette is simple, crisp and just the right length of the dress/skirt. Then in 1950's Dior brought in the full skirts.and the usage of different fabrics. It's more feminine and Frivolous. I've observed in certain pictures that the girls are more conservative , primp and proper. I also love how gloves were 'in' that time. I also love how the Hollywood stars dressed-up for those time. It's really something to emulate .
1940's Dresses
1950's Dresses

I feel that these girls came from 1940's because of the hemline. As if they're talking about boys here :D

Some gowns from 1940's. I really loved the back design.:D

This is a shot by Jonathan Logan, 1945.

A singer from those days.
I really love this gown. It's simple and elegant.

Harper's Bazaar April 1950

(Pictures from flikr)


  1. I love that era too... girls look like real girls, I mean they really look like ladies back then. The clothes are perfectly cut and they always have the best hairdo. I have never seen a lady in that era who is not elegant and so classy. :-)

  2. just stumble on your blog. these photos are so inspirational! i love you the dress on the 2nd to the last pic -very elegant and beautiful.

    thanks for sharing! :)

  3. @Leah They're really conservative back then. but they still know how to look chic. :)

  4. @Noelle i know right, when i saw it kanina, it's a stellar for me :)

  5. ganda naman ng pics dear...this are the type of skirts i want to have :D

  6. @Ashley I like to have them too. It suits us perfectly because those type of skirts are for pear shaped ladies :D