DailyUpgradeWeekOneCatchUp (quick post and might be a long one)

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Instead ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
Dr. Howard Thurman

Sometimes, I think of posting stuff that are not *majorly* related to fashion and I think the Play With The Dolls, a U92 fm show, daily upgrade is a good way to start. So for their first assignment:
 Surround yourself with high energy people. :D
From the start of this year, I've been really keen into be surrounded by people that has a positive aura that keep my hype also. I think being surrounded with positively-minded people will make you also feel optimistic and hopeful for a brighter and better day.(Even if sometimes reality can be somewhat unbearable). I don;t want to be with someone who is really a pessimist or a downer, because he/she makes me feel groggy or sabaw or useless.

So before I start with the people that makes me happy or keeps me motivated or who has inspired from these past days/weeks/months/years, I've hang out with the most happy people and newly met friends , online. Actually, I've met some of them during PFW and Metrowear and Trilogy boutique's anniversary.

Taken by Shahani at Greenbelt 5. ( That's Andrew Ducay, Me, Ian Bautista, Mike Magallanes and Ziggy Savella) (I hope Nicole was in the picture too but she has to go with her family)

What I love and learned about these fab people is that live life to the fullest. Have fun and be yourself. I think that's what makes me feel alive when I'm with them. They're never afraid of what people might think of them. They're like my sisters already. I'm an only child and sometimes I long for a big ate or a little sister.

So first off:
My Best Bud, Ashley (Obviously :P)

Well, she's been there for me ever since college started. Lunchmate,seatmate ,groupmate and chatmate and also my photog and ka-chismisan and also shopping buddy, She's my go to girl. She never disappoints me nor be mad at me if i made something silly. She's honest and brutal to me, she really is a true friend. I dont know what will happen to me if she's not there. it's unimaginable.:P

My Mom :P

Well , my mom is the one who pushes me the most, even if sometimes I'm taking a career risk or she feels that is unimaginable for me to do. She's my mom and whenever I cry about something (my articles, scripts i made, scripts that didnt make it, she kept them all) I love my mom, even if sometimes I'm stubborn :D
My former boss, Vicky Herrera.
She's not only my boss, for me, but I've considered her as my mentor in life. She's the one who keeps on telling me to do what makes me happy whatever the stuff other people might say. She gave me opportunities to  test my creativity and make way for a new me. In my light years, I will never forget her. :)

So, those 3 girls in my life are the ones that made me the most. That pushed me and make me realized my potentials.I'm really grateful for meeting them in my life. >.< I actually have a lot but I've put the people that have influenced me the most,recently.

So with that, I want to end this blog post with a positive note. I'm keeping my head up high and be free and be happy in everything I do. Be more passionate and keep my head focus. That's All. :P


  1. zomg i look weird in that photo!

  2. Ziggy, you dont look weird, you look cute there :P

  3. aww you're so pretty in the first photo! :D

    and yeah you are so right about having optimistic and high energy people around you, in turn they also lift your spirits up. unfortunately the opposite is the case with me, currently :(

  4. its always good to surround yourself with positive people :)
    p-People= Good vibes

    kisses A.

  5. A, yup GV everyday and maybe forever :D

  6. Phoebe , you can always hang out with us :P hahaha any then be the life of your group :P spread the happy virus :P