If you listen too much to what people say about you, you will never be who you really are. --@ihateqoutes
Let passion take you the place where you want to be and you'll  be happy 
-Maureen Manuel

This is kind of late post, this was supposed to start yesterday but I need to catch up :D so for the task its ---->>>>>>>
Daily Upgrade Assignment #2 -
» 1. Recognize what your God-given talents/passions are.

So I've listed them yesterday and Ash thought that instead of scanning it, I should pose with it :D.
So what are the things that I think God gave me:)
1. My love and passion for Fashion.
- I know when I was a kid that I had 'it' within me, I was just not embracing it before because I was afraid of what people may say about me, like too shallow or materialistic, which I'm not. Fashion brought back the life in me when I was down and Fashion gave me a lot of learnings. It made me open on a lot of things, political, socio-civic and relationships. It gave me direction and Ive fought for it to some people,especially my parents that think fashion is a career for students that are lazy, which is not and Ive proved them that through my passion for fashion (I know it's a cliche phrase but I can describe it in any other way.) It made me feel happy especially when I make some people beautiful or confident about themselves. 

2. Serving and Having a Heart for Others.
Not all people know that I'm a Lasallian Volunteer. Voluntarism for me is a way of giving back your blessings ,that was given by God, and share them to the others that needs it. Voluntarism has molded me into a good person. It taught me how to socialize with different kinds of people from leaders, politicians to our brothers and sisters that are in need of help. I think that God give me this mission because He knows what i really feel about all this things. Growing up as an only child makes you want to have someone and care for them and I guess that made me want to participate in such activities.

3. Being Friendly
Ok, so I really love meeting new acquaintances and be with friends with them. I have this thing in me that I dont get shy to say hi or talk to a stranger (though my parents taught me not to talk to strangers but it's kind of fun anyway.) So when you see me around, say hi and I'll talk and greet you and make 'kulit' with you. That's how friendly I am.:)

I think that's it for now :D ,I might post the others on the other day :D
Gosh, this daily upgrade is fun and makes you go back to your roots and keep you reminded of the things you want to do in life like, goals and wishes and paths and decisions :)

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