Before I left my 'Summer Life'

You guys know that I was a former intern for Trilogy Boutique. When I started interning for this cool store, I really wanted to leave something that will still remind me of them :). I love my bosses, I love the people behind it.  But everything has an end. Anyhoo, during PFW, I talked to Vicky about a project, a look book for Trilogy. I was hesitant at first because , when I first asked about this to Ms. Carole if they can do this project, she said it's kind of vague or can't be done, for some reasons I cant remember now. But I dared myself to talk to Vicky at that event ( I know it's wrong to talk about business during this kind of events, but my instincts tells me to) and tell her my proposal and how can it be done.

Here it is :)
Styled by Loris Pena
Assistant - Me, yours truly >.<
Art Direction by Vicky Herrera
Make Up by Xeng Zulueta
Photography by Revo Naval
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