CC shoot :D

Models preparing for their shoot.

Hi Philippe ^_^V. He's also a model and graced the runways previously in PFW Holiday2010. One of which wasYako Reyes.

Hi Chriscel and Jeng, hair stylist.

This is some of the girls clothes for the shoot.  I didn't take the male model's clothes because it was so many .

Now, it's my boss :D. The photos are beauty shots , Imagine Pond's Commercial :P

Last Saturday night, I was watching The Devil Wears Prada and I wonder if I can be Andy Sachs in real life, I mean my life being that way, being an assistant to someone influential and powerful , may it be not in the Fashion Industry. Then my boss called me. (haha connection?, wait till I finish this entry :P). Earlier that morning, I was asking her how am I supposed to build me portfolio and stuff , or if she knows how can I pull out stuff from people just to have a styling portfolio (which by now I think , a sign of desperation :)) and I dont want to do it that way), she said it's a tricky process , which I now believed. 

Then she called around 11:45. It was funny ,somehow, because I thought she accidentally dialed my number, I was not supposed to answer it, but my instinct tells me to answer it. There it was I had long photo shoot for models portfolio for CalCarries. On the first half of the day I was assisting Ryan , who also styling for Agua Bendita. It was fun working with him and I was amazed by array of stuff which he pulled out and own.(With that I need to have my own 'styling' closet :)) ) It was very lng, I was right to expect we will be done around 730. I also made friends with the models :)). Anyhoo, I need to go back to studying  again. I aspire to be a dean's lister this term. 

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