been really busy for School :|

I'm really sorry because of not writing and leaving a journal to my blog. I've been busy for school and family stuff :(( I wish all of this will end soon. I just need to rest tonight. Been missing someone. It's so hard pala to have a crush for someone that is career-oriented. It's like not having a chance at all. I think I'm falling bit by bit towards him..OH NOOOOO!


  1. Hey maureen! :) Busy girl kana, with all your styling work. I'm proud of you continue mo lang yan! And as for your love life.. kwento! :)
    Love your outfit btw, I like the little peep of yellow sa neck mo :)

  2. haha thanks Phoebe, haha well for styling, I'm building my portfolio, so I have the confidence to go 'up' and submit it to some publications :)). As for love life well haha I'll make kwento if I see u at school and if I have time:P