Violet and Denim

So my school day started with a free cut from my first class, how annoying was that. I mean you have to wake up very very early then when you got there the professor didnt come :| I just hate that kind of stuff. Then I have to go to the COB Vice dean office for some stuff related to my grades (I'm not the perfect student , that's why I'm shifting. I hate programming and it's not my area of interest.) Thank God, the Vice Dean of COB was very nice to me. Unlike what happened to Ashley, she was interviewed by one of the Dept. Heads and I think she was traumatized but I told her to keep things positive.

Then Ashley and I had lunch at pasta place(thanks for correcting me ;P). I love their cream cheesy pork chop:P I'm so crazy for cheese, I know it's bad for my health but I only live once and we must eat until we can enjoy food.:P Then Ashley ate spaghetti with the Beef Pepperoni Pizza. Yum yum :D
Next stop my Theology class, I can honestly say that his lesson was very clear today :D haha or maybe i was really bored and made me listen hard to him:) and His powerpoints was clean and understandable. His previous ppts were full of pictures and neon font color, talk about having your eyes ached so much because of the lesson:))

Lastly, my Literature class, my professor made us buy any food and with that I had a feeling that she's going to ask us for a poem about the food. So I bought a bacon and egg sandwhich:)) It was really awkward to eat the sandwhich inside the classroom because in the first place students are not allowed to eat inside the classroom. So I ate it fast and made a freestyle poem about it:)) I find it corny because Ive used silly stuff to describe. I'll post it if she'll return our papers.

Anyhoo that's all for the day


  1. that's pasta plate right? not pizza place