my first 6-hour shoot and Coke Spilling, funny shoot :))

L-R: Vicky Herrera , Janna Tee, Me , Xeng Zulueta :D

Me, Janna and Roel? (I'm not sure about our hairstylist's name :)) sorry correct me if i'm wrong)
I really love Janna's long locks, I miss my long hair tuloy :))

That's Revo Naval, taking Eri Neeman's photos
I've done some shoots before but they were like very fast and short, because I only have a few layouts due to my resources , before. But today, it's my first time to experience to have 2 sets of shoots that was really long, and I'm looking forward and I want to experience a shoot that is 12-hour shoot, in the future :D. It was fun assisting and learning a lot from Loris Pena, for the first shoot. I've learned to be prepared and have some tools :D. Then my second shoot was really fun. I love to style guys because it's more complex and it's challenging than dressing a girl. Eri Neeman, dj and semi-finalist (am i right at this?) for MTV Vj hunt, was so damn funny especially the coke picture and while Vicky and Revo was busy doing the other shoot, he was dancing. It was so random, seriously :)). Anyway, I can't post a lot of pics because I'm not allowed to >.< 

Anyhoo, shameless plugging :))
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Go for the win , Eri :D

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