My Eco-experience

One of the things I've learned during my tree planting activity at Bulacan was you can never control life itself. Why ? Let me tell it to you in a bit:P

Well, my co-volunteers and the coordinators of the organization I'm in at school ( Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Effort and Cosca, Center of Social Concern Action) planned to plan trees at Bulacan. Well, it's not my first time to participate in a tree planting activity but It was my first time to go to that area, so thought it's going to be like the other mountains that we went to. The type that has cemented ground or a handle to hold while trekking.But it was not that way. :P

So that guy I'm with me is my 'buddy' for the day. His name is Jason Pelayo :)). We were holding the plants that we'll be planting. So guys take note, we were still clean at that photo :))
Here were some of the plants that must be planted by the group,us, at the top of the mountain.

 At that picture, we never thought of the route having a river so we had no choice but to walk and let our shoes be wet>.<
You can never control life, even if they say you're the director of your own life.(Does it make sense?) I mean life in general. Our goal was to plant the trees at the top of the mountain and at the same time to be back safe and unscathed, if not clean. So when we started to trek , we didn't expect that the height or the slop of the mountain was steep and add that shoes we were wearing were wet already and the path of the mountain was really muddy. So many tumbled and slipped. Even I slipped for like 4 times, and almost fell of the cliff because it was slippery and somehow unmanageable. Thank you, buddy for saving me:).
 Anyhoo, I just want to point out that even if your plan is already planned out, your career path and goals and wishes. You can never really tell of what may come in the future. Of what the obstacles that are about to come. Ive learned that (aside from preserving and conserving our Mother Earth) you must be ready with all things, even if you have to face the dirtiest deeds of all.You must be ready to get down and fight for the stuff you want, even if it'll hurt you alot or make you sacrifice of other things. Your mind must be alert and make away on how to face the obstacles. Anyhoo, fun part of my eco-experience was when the rain poured. It was really fun because it's just is. It's like being a kid again but it's not just work but it's like we were now playing. It made the temperature cool enough to make us feel unstressed, stressed because of the slips and tumblings:))lol.

So that's us :P Look at the ground, our shoes were all stained by the mud:P

Rachelle :P --Andrew thanks for correcting me:)
Then Ms Tina Umali, one of the coordinators of COSCA. I love her to death, i mean like a daughter's love to her parents :P. She's one of the kindest people I know of and a model for us, girls, to be strong and empowered.:P

That's one of the path that was steep:)

The view from the top but we were still not there at the location.

That's all guys :P
(photos by Andrew Pamorada)

P.S i had a model experience yesterday, but i'mma blog them by the end of the day :P

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