Behind the Scenes :P

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. School has been very cruel to me, when it comes to my schedule. School comes first before fashion: Anyhoo, last Friday night, I was invited to be part of a makeover shoot. You maybe wondering why I agreed and it's kind of ironic because I'm starting to build what my personal style is, finding where I'm comfortable of and I'm also building my styling folio. But I wonder how will other stylist will work their magic on me , since I'm starting to like wearing stuff that are not so feminine. (Been using some stuff of mydad :P). Well on the first quarter of the year, ive sent this local mag that I want something new. :) So without further ado, here's the behind the scenes photos of the shoot.
 (Photos by Rachel Octobre)
Here's a photo with the other girls.:) I kind of miss them already :)

Here's partly what they've done to me. Honestly, my look was different from the other girls. When the stylist asked me what I want and who is my style Icon. I told her it's Madonna but I told her not give me a whole Madonna vibe, I still want to add some of my personality, so we agree with the leggings :P

So that's me ,goofing around. I'm the one with the most energy in the room.

Some of the girls on their make up chairs .

That's me and Rachel :)

That was truly an experience. I made a lot of jumpshots in my photos because I told the photog that I want to jump  but I need to compromise because of my dear partner :P I'm so exciting to see the outcome next month :)


  1. i love it maureen! you look super pretty! :D

  2. Thaks Phoebe :P. But ur still pretty than me :P