Futuristic Fashion Editorial from Fashion Trend Australia

(Photo source: Fashionising.com)

If you guys haven't noticed, I'm fond of buying magazines because of its editorial spreads , or look into Fashionising.com to see some other fashion editorials around the world. It's like a modern , chic, fashion enthusiast's comic book to read because it has story and depth and sometimes thought provoking (have you guys seen Vogue Italia's controversial oil spill shoot).

Here's one of my recent fave editorials. We always see fashion magazines take on modern futuristic look and  all are going for black, grey, silver or gold or bronze in term of color palette but this one is different. There's still a minimalist approach but I love that they took a risk and use color and still manage to get that feeling of a modern and futuristic vibe. The photography is amazing, which is by Sasha Hochstetter. I like all of it because I do believe not all women wants to look like a complete robot or something. We still have grace and sometimes we want a splash of color in our closet. 

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