Sorry guys, for the lack of updates and journals in my blog. There's so much going on with my life right now. Good thing I don't any final exams in the Finals week at school. Anyhoo , one of the reason I can't update you guys is because I can't really blog or tell about anything that I'm right now. But, ok I guess I can say I'm an intern for one of the BIGGEST Fashion Events in the country. So , I guess that's a very easy clue but I probably, share all of my experience after the event. But I guess I'll manage to blog about more about fashion :P. Anyhoo, I can't believe my prof reads my blog.

What happened was my prof was asking me about my panel grade from one of my panel discussion at her class. Then she replied that one :P. I never thought she'll read it , I know I have a signature but my previous professors doesn't really care about the siggies. Oh well Thank you , Dr. Plata. :)

P.S I do have some professors following me on Twitter, so it's hard to rant about their subjects :))

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