Blood Letting

Don't hate, DO-NATE!!

Anyhoo, I had so much activities from the past few days, from History Reporting to Poetry Recital to an Impromptu speech for my Speech and Communications class. This only means one thing, FINALS (HELL WEEK) Exams week is coming up in a few more days. But with all of those I still managed to do volunteer stuff and attend an exhibit (which will I blog tomorrow, I'm waiting for my co-volunteer photo). So I'm really looking forward to donating 450 ml of my blood but I was deferred twice because 1. ) my hemoglobin level was low (that was yesterday) 2.) because I'm stressed and 'puyat' from last night. I really felt bad about it because I want to experience it and also save lives.

Here are some trivia about donating blood :P

Blood is a vital fluid. It is important treatment of:
* accidents
* hemorrhages
* burns
* anemia
* major operations
* bleeding after childbirth
* leukemias
* thalassemias
* bleeding diathesis
* hemolytic disease of the new born
Do you know that:
* Blood has no substitute.
* Blood cannot be manufactured in any laboratory.
* It has to be donated only by human beings.
* The sick and wounded can be saved, if every healthy person considers it a personal responsibility.
Who are qualified to donate blood?
* You must be 18 to 65 years old, (16 and 17 may donate blood provided with parent’s / guardian consent).
* You must be at least 110 lbs. or 50 kg.
* Your hemoglobin level must be at least 125 g/L (not anemic). ---->>> this is the reason why I was deferred twice.
* Your blood pressure must be between: Systolic 90-160 mmHg, Diastolic 60-100 mmHg
* Your pulse rate is 50 to 100 beats per minute.
Donating blood is a very simple procedure that will take a few minutes of your time. At the same time blood donation will give you the following benefits:
* Your bone marrow will be stimulated to produce new and active cells which in turn make the blood forming organs function more effectively.
* You will get a personal health check-up, you will know your blood type, hemoglobin and blood pressure.
* More volunteer blood donors would meet supply of blood.
* It is something that will make you feel good about yourself.

What I wore for today :P

The needle is now in the skin :P

Pumping/Sucking of the blood bag from the donor's arm

This just looks so adorable

So here's the COSCA-Love Volunteer team together with the Medical Team yay :P

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