Polaroid Exhibit (August 18,2010)

I really love this polaroid-esque photo. It looks cute and wacky . I really love my friends :)

I went to the Polaroid Exhibit last Wednesday, August 18,2010. I must say I love the exhibit. Polaroid cameras remind me of Vintage pictures and 70's. I love how authentic and artsy the shots being produced by this little camera. Now, they have the new digital Polaroid called PoGo. It's really handy and fun to use. I was also happy because I've met with my friends again. :D Academics and Social life ,sometimes, hard to balance. Anyhoo enjoy the pictures :D.
I was wearing a top from my mom , then SM dept store shorts.Janylin Orange Wedges and bag from tita.

Here are some of the Polaroid models from the past. The Tazmanian Polaroid model is quirky and cute.

Here's the gang with Garovs.

Here is a work by Revo Naval, one of my fave from the exhibit. 

This is by Jake Versoza. It's so Pinoy.

Me being shy talking to Revo about something :))

Cheska and Me, I love her top.

Here's Aivan, I love the whole outfit. He told me the top is DIY-ed. Amazing noh?

Revo Naval and Me

Photo Source : Edrick Bruel and Paul Jatayna


  1. yay tengs din! see u soon! :-)

  2. hey, can u ask ur friend karl where in landmark or glorietta was he able to buy dr.martens shoes? :) tyvm

  3. wow!i admire you and your friends' fashion style.

    following and linking your blog to ours!
    much <3,