Leather :Another road to 'power' dressing

I happen to love seeing clothes that empowers a woman's body. The one that can make her feel in control or fierce or fabulous. :) Then  I saw this :

(Above photo source : Fashionising.com)

It's like a love at first sight.:) I love that in Prim Magazine Issue 11, they managed to mix lace and leather and makes it look polish yet sexy. Adding leather to ypour outfit (or make it your whole outfit) can make you look powerful and daredevil. You can't wear leather with that much confidence and effort. Then , it also reminded me of Ms. Jaz Cerezo 's recent collection from PFW Holiday 2010. In he collection , she also made use of leather and lace. I'm telling her whole collection is great and her collection is also one of the best collection from the recent Philippine FashionWeek. Here are some of my favorites.

(Photo source, stylebible.ph and Ms. Cerezo's collection photos from facebook)

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