Weekenders :D

Last Saturday, I went out with my sisters  :D! I was with Karl and Mike and we were looking for a perfect something :)). I really didn't know what to buy :)). First, we went to Megamall to check on Forever21 but I didn't buy anything from there, maybe because I was overwhelmed :)) but I have to go back for 2 pairs of shoes there :)). Then we went to Glorietta and Greenbelt , and I bought the perfect something from the Ramp haha. It's cute but I won't post it here yet . Unless I wear it :)) maybe later this afternoon to meet Mr. Someone-Becoming-Special or , if not him, maybe Kuya Ram:)). 
Being surrounded with people who are artistic and never afraid to tell the world who they are , makes me feel that I can do the same kind of thing. I can't say that I don't want to conform (because I still feel that I'm conforming to some stuff only against it, haha do i make sense here :)) )

I love what my boss spoke about ,on air, about being surrounded by people with good positive vibes or just being happy ,'cause in return you kind of getting the same vibes from those types of people. It makes you (me)  feel that you( I) can do everything  You(I) want and/or need, even if it's hard or impossible. :)

This song keeps on ringing in my head but I love the message of it :D
Au Revoir, XOXO:P

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