Winning a Shoe

(photos. FashionLikeHeroin.blogspot.com viaHelenPearson)

What's with the shoes that I keep on lustin,coveting,desire or even cry myself out loud to mycousins when I'm sad. (well the last part is just an exaggeration :P)
For me, it's not just a pair of shoes. It's an iconography. It tells a person who they are, by their choice of shoes and how they wear them. Everytime , I get up and dress up for school, I always think of my shoes and the clothes that goes with them. Shoes make a look outstanding or a flop. Just sayin that I love shoes and I want to have a collection of it. Wearable or not :P

Winning a pair of shoes is like winning a lottery for me. It's like a treasure that everyone will see and admire at it, it's not just kept. If I win, I'll bring the shoes everywhere, to the store, school, malls . etc. Because if you have good ol' pair of shoes it has to be out there and savor every moment of it because the shoe designer designs to convey an idea and a statement.

So i'm keeping my finger crossed and I really want to win of these shoes , this is how i'm dedicated to shoes :P

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